Parents and Community,

Warren County Middle School is a vital component of the Warren County Title I School System.  As a Title I school, we receive federal Title I funds explicitly designated for student achievement – for such items as reducing class size, providing more student supplies, and providing specific instructional training. 

Warren County Middle School welcomes parents and community members to visit our school.  We are proud of our facilities, our teachers and staff, and our students.  All of our teachers are certified and highly qualified for the subjects they teach.

Warren County Middle School students participated in the first administration of Georgia Milestones standardized testing in Spring 2015.  Georgia Milestones are very different from the previous CRCT testing – holding Georgia’s students, statewide, to a higher level of academic accountability. As such, faculty and system administration are recognizing this first set of test results as our new baseline in growing our students to their fullest academic potential.

Warren County Middle School continues our focus on teacher professional learning in content and instructional practices.  Ms. Laura Hooven, system Curriculum Coordinator, and RESA staff hold regular sessions at the school. They also make classroom observations and provide feedback to teachers and administration which serve to improve instruction and ensure further academic progress.

The state REACH Program continues at the school this year.  As was the case last year, ten 8th grade students were identified and asked to apply for a state scholarship of $2500 per year for four years of college. An interview, with a panel of individuals including some of the financial donors and school system administration, follows once the application process is complete.  Preference is given to students with good grades, good behavior, good attendance, and those who will be the first in their respective family to go to college. From the applicants, each year the school will choose 3-5 students as the finalists in the program to be recognized at a REACH program signing ceremony.  Mentors and academic coaches are accessible to these students throughout their high school careers helping them to stay on track to ultimately receive the scholarships. 

Warren County Middle School is a Charter School which operates under the local Board of Education.  Our School Governing Board, comprised of parents, teachers, and community members, meets regularly throughout the school year to review the progress of the school. This board also helps select principals and teachers from applicants for corresponding vacancies.

We hold parent meetings and activities, often in combination with Warren County High School and M.E.F. Elementary, throughout the school year.  We encourage parents to attend and get involved; we recognize and value parents as a critical component in their child’s academic success.

Most sincerely,

Shauna Andrews