Shauna Andrews Letter to Students and Parents

Dear WCMS Students and Families,

Looking back as Spring Semester lead into Summer, it was, as always, difficult to believe how quickly last school year came to an end and that we are now making final preparations for the start of a new and exciting new school year.
The 2017-2018 School Year saw the System and School-Wide Implementation of "The Warren County Way", wherein we held yearlong sessions to discuss with students an established set of expectations aimed at both making our school culture more positive, while also serving to help our students with success beyond our school walls/campus. Students were very receptive; as a result of "The Warren County Way", WCMS experienced its fourth straight decline in discipline referrals. The implementation of "The Warren County Way" is ongoing and we look forward to seeing continued progress towards the positive culture we hope all visitors experience when they are on our campus.
Along those lines, during the 2017-2018 School Year we also implemented the system-wide house system and we will continue this into the new school year, welcoming our incoming 6th Graders into the WCMS point competition - through academic performance, grade level competitions, Enrichment games, and random acts of kindness. Our Congratulations to WCMS House Dabaysha members for being the 2017-2018 School House Point Winner and to System-Wide Maphe members for being the System House Point Winner. We are excited to see who leads this School Year.
This year we welcome three new faculty members (Mr.Brands, Ms. Davis, and Dr. Welch) and are pleased to have so many faculty returning to serve with us in our efforts to help students reach their potential.
We look forward to the many experiences ahead.

Most Sincerely,
Shauna Andrews
WCMS Principal